Recommended reading.

This page is one I have planned for ongoing development, so is never likely to be “complete”. Over time, it will expand to contain:

  • A list of recommended books about digital marketing
  • My own personal reasons behind each recommendation
  • Links to buy the titles, direct from

Here are a few top recommendations to get things moving:

“Don’t Make Me Think – Revisited”

By Steve Krug

Don't Make Me Think - Revisited [front cover]

Considered by many (myself included!) to be the definitive guide to keeping things simple (when designing and building Websites). A concise, at times witty and thoroughly useful guide. Fully revised and updated – and essential reading!

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“How Google Works”

By Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

How Google Works (paperback book)

I’m currently (circa. Spring 2018) reading this insightful and effectively official guide to the inner-workings of arguably THE hottest “tech” company on the planet. Co-written by two key people involved in the rapid growth of Google, the latest edition has been expanded to include an additional initial chapter titled “How Alphabet Works” (reflecting the major and unconventionally bold restructuring of the business, rebranded under the then new “Alphabet” parent company name). Even a couple of chapters in this looks to be essential reading for anyone interested in Silicon Valley start-ups and specifically Google itself, of course. Kindle edition also available.

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“WordPress For Dummies” – 7th Edition

Some might balk at the idea of being seen consulting a book from the “Dummies” series… but not me. This is a well written, (largely) non-technical reference, revised and updated to keep up with the various new releases of WordPress itself along the way. Especially useful if you are considering updating your own pages and blog posts.

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“Professional WordPress: Design and Development” – 3rd Edition

Professional WordPress - Design and Development [cover]

If you’re already proficient with updating your content on WordPress and would like to explore taking things to the next level, this heavyweight book comes highly recommended! A word of caution, however – the inclusion of the word “Professional” in the title is no coincidence. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself struggling to keep your head above water trawling through this one!

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If you have any recommendations of your own to submit for consideration, or require any further information please contact me.


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