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With the arrival of new General Data Protection Regulation legislation (as of May 25th, 2018), I have decided to revise and update my Privacy Policy for Mounsey Web Consultancy (typically stylised as "@mounsey", for short).

As before, those hoping to find any legal mumbo-jumbo or jargon will be sadly disappointed!

With all of my operations here @mounsey, I aim to be completely honest and transparent with all of my actions. In the unlikely event that anything stated here should be anything less than crystal clear, please do get in touch.

My mantra when it comes to everything I do (both in and out of business) is: "Honesty & Integrity".

My Promises to you, "The Client"

  1. ZERO Client data is shared with, or disclosed to any Third Parties (note: This includes other @mounsey Clients)
    • For example: I never hold conversations featuring statements such as "Client X is doing really well - they had orders last month and visitors...", or "Client X invested £Y in their Website and now pays me £Z per month..". Such behaviour would be entirely inappropriate
    • Performance data and statistics for all @mounsey Clients is reviewed by me and me alone (John Mounsey)
    • The ONLY other person/people your data is shared with is you, The Client
  2. Client contact details are ONLY stored on my (password protected and SSL secured) Google Contacts and (on a more limited level) MailChimp account (see promise #5, below)
    • Such details are never shared with any Third Parties
    • Such details will never be sold on (nor given away) to any Third Parties
  3. ZERO Client payment details are recorded or stored by @mounsey
    • This policy applies regardless of the payment method(s) used
  4. I install Google Analytics as a matter of course on all Client Websites, with the following exceptions:
    • If the recording of Website visitor statistics is not a requirement of the Website
    • If you, The Client has explicitly stated that Google Analytics is not to be installed
    • If Google Analytics is already present (this applies only to Websites inherited by @mounsey from elsewhere)
    • If you are unsure if Google Analytics is installed on your Website (and/or would like it removed), please contact me for confirmation of your current Analytics setup
    • No statistical information about Visitors to your Website is shared with anyone else, at any time
  5. For Email Marketing (Newsletters) I use the market leading MailChimp service
    • Basic Client Contact Details (First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email Address) are stored (securely) by MailChimp, but are NOT accessible to MailChimp to use for any other purposes. Furthermore, these basic details are ONLY used (periodically) by @mounsey when sending out issues of the Mounsey Web Consultancy Email Newsletter
    • A clear and easy-to-use  "Unsubscribe" link is included on ALL Email Newsletters sent using MailChimp
    • If (for whatever reason) you would prefer not to receive these occasional Newsletters, please use one of the Unsubscribe links, or contact me directly (at any time)
    • As an existing, valued Client you will most likely also receive direct Email correspondence from me personally (sent from my Gmail account), from time to time. Typical scenarios include: advance notice of upcoming Service Renewals; personal recommendations specific to your Website(s) - and so on. If (again for whatever reason) you would prefer me NOT to contact you (at all) via Email, please let me know. Please be aware that for important matters such as Domain Name expiry dates, I will still contact you regardless, or else you risk losing important services and/or Domain Names.

My Promises to you, "The Client"

The bottom line

I take the matter of Client privacy very seriously and treat it in such a way that I would hope and expect others to treat my own. New, existing (and former) Clients hereby have my word that their privacy (and data) are treated with the utmost respect and security at all times, when under my watch."

John Mounsey
John Mounsey
May, 2018

Last updated: 23.12.2020 (v2.1)
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