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Ideas Foundation (image shows a group of participating creative students)

The Ideas Foundation have been working with students, schools and agencies since the year 2000 – injecting fresh blood into the creative world.

The Website

Mounsey Web Consultancy was approached by Lydia Thornley (of Studio Lydia Thornley), who had by then already been assigned with a key role in leading the Creative Direction of the all-new Website. The time frame for development & completion was short, with a key launch event already booked in at The House of Lords, no less - for a fixed date in May, 2018..

Time was certainly of the essence!

Following a couple of extremely useful video conferencing sessions with Lydia and highly experienced marketing expert Chris Harris (acting as co-lead on the project direction/management side of things), I quickly sought to make strides with what was to be a challenging development process. By the time I came on board, WordPress had already been selected as the most effective solution for the new Website, so my expertise in working on the platform stood me in good stead for the work that lay ahead.

This particular project was a great example of where a well organised planning process (notably some excellent layout visuals produced by Lydia, followed by feedback from the IF Board) - along with decisive decision-making along the way helpful massively with the successful completion of the project.

Speaking of which, the Website was given a soft-launch (as planned) a few days prior to the official launch event at The House of Lords - and feedback from staff and visitors thus far has been universally positive.

With this firm foundation of a new, responsive and purposefully easy-to-use Site in place, I'm looking forward to further developments on the project in due course - some of which are already firmly in the pipeline.

The Ideas Foundation logo (graphic)

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