Domain Names For Sale!

Serious enquiries and offers only please.

Over the years Mounsey Web Consultancy has acquired a number of valuable (or otherwise desirable) Domain Names.

The following Domain Names (listed in alphabetical order) are all currently available "For Sale" - please enquire for further details.

Please note that some Domains have a fixed (non-negotiable) price, whereas others are open to (sensible!) offers. In addition, I also offer a small selection of premium Domains, the prices for which are also available upon request.

Premium Domains

  • (£ Enquire)
    • Acquisition of this highly-desirable Domain Name would also include several related bonus Domains (free) including:,, and
    • This domain acts as a clever alternative way of presenting the expression "Thank You"
  • (£ Enquire)
  • (£ Enquire)
  • (£ Enquire)

These three ".plus" Domain Names are ONLY available to purchase as a job-lot (i.e. all three).

Potential uses... Travel Guides / Loyalty Cards / etc.

Sensible offers please for these prestigious "Northern Powerhouse" City Domain Names.

In the interest of not potentially wasting anyone's time.. any offers below five digits for these Domains (combined) will be automatically rejected/ignored.

Unusual Surname/Family Domains

  • (£200)
  • (£200)
  • (£200)
  • (£200)
  • (£200)

*Special offer!* Interested parties who can verify/prove that their Surname precisely matches the Domain in question qualify for a 25% discount off the listed prices. (e.g. £150 instead of £200).

Personal Email Service Available:

If you are not interested purchasing one of these "Surname/Family" Domains, but would like a personal email address such as please contact me, as this service is available, with discounts available on block subscriptions (e.g.,,, etc.). There is no limit to the number of email addresses you can subscribe to.

Price: £10 per month, per unique email address (or, pay for annually upfront and pay just £100 per year).

Additional addresses paid for by the same person receive a 25% discount (£7.50 per month, per additional address - or £75 annually).

For this service the Domain Name would remain under the control and "ownership" of Mounsey Web Consultancy, but your email would be setup personally (and privately) for you, working with Google's enhanced Gmail services. Each subscribed Email address would have it's own unique, private Gmail account. Interested? Please contact me for further details and discounted pricing options!

For the future protection of your Personal Email Service, any Domain Name with active subscribers is removed from sale (for however long there is at least one active, paying subscriber).

Other Domains Available

  • (£100)
    • Ideal for a discount music / compact disc CD retail venture
  • (£250)
    • Perfect for a personal or fan-club Website dedicated to Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" 1982 film (and/or the majestic sequel)
  • (£125)
    • Ideal for an online music shop, specialising in vinyl records (geddit..?)
    • Alternatively the perfect Domain for a UK based record label named "Final Records"
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