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I take great satisfaction in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes plan & launch (or rethink) their online marketing strategy.

After an initial telephone conversation or face-to-face meeting, I can put together a comprehensive proposal – tailored and fine-tuned for the market sector and circumstances of your own business.

I can also carry out the following exercises for new and existing clients:

  • Independent (and anonymous) analysis of your key online (and/or offline) competitors
  • In-depth analysis of the current performance of your Website or online shop (honest & impartial)
  • “Secret Shopper” visits to your online shop, including a User Experience (“U/X”) feedback report
  • Help to reimagine or completely reboot the Web Presence of your business
  • Expert guidance with getting the most out Social Media – including initial setup
  • Research, compile & implement a comprehensive internet marketing plan for your business

How much does it cost?

My Consultancy Services are typically charged based on an hourly rate (or part thereof), with discounts are available for regular or recurring input. Please enquire for more details.

Depending on your location and duration of the session, your initial consultation may be free of charge. Future sessions and input are priced up, agreed and paid for in advance.

Please note the I may need to cover travel expenses if you are based outside of the immediate Sheffield City region, but these can be discussed and disclosed at an early stage (I’m no fan of any “hidden charges”, either).

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