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Connect with your own customers and grow your audience. Welcome to the power of Social Networking.

I have several years of experience setting up professional social media accounts on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – and many more popular Social channels (including Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr).

Social Media Training

I can also devise and deliver tailored training sessions, empowering you and your own staff to make the most of the many opportunities offered by Social Media, such as:

  • Building a captive audience of people interested in your own business
  • Attract additional Followers through effective use of #hashtags
  • Promoting news directly to your “followers”, instantly
  • Offering exclusive discounts via your Social Media channels
  • Showcasing new product launches for online shopping Websites
  • Encouraging fans & followers to discuss & promote your services online
  • Sharing tips and after-sales support for improved customer service

Step #1. Follow Mounsey Web Consultancy!

For some great, real-world examples of how to use the major Social Networks, please consider following some of my own Social media channels. I regularly post exclusive content and tips on Facebook and Twitter – along with some personal photography and other imagery over on Instagram. You’ll find links to these and other networks across

*predominantly personal photography (Websites don’t tend to photograph very well..) ~but you’ll get the general idea.

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